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Devon stove and Flue Installers, Devon.

Heat, cooking and fire are something central and important to the home, therefore we believe it is important that you find just the right stove for your home and kitchen.

There are incredible ranges of stoves and wood burning stoves to choose from in today's market place and as professionals we are able to advise on the most suitable stove for you.

Technology has improved many aspects of stove use and appearance. Wood burning stoves are available in a variety of styles that vary from contemporary to traditionallooking models, and are made from a range of materials; cast iron, plate steel, sheet metal, or a combination of these materials.


Stoves must be sealed completely to the chimney and as most properties where stoves are fitted have no lined chimney it is often necessary to install a flue lining.

If the chimney is already lined as in a new home situation then there are special adapters manufactured to connect positively from the flue pipe to the clay liner in a way which will eliminate problems of condensation or tar spillage outside of the flue pipe.

For all your stove installation and fitting services
throughout Exeter and the East Devon area please do not hesitate to contact one of our recommended stove fitters and orgainse for your stove to be installed.
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