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A wood burning stove generating hot water to a central heating system has considerable environmental benefits when compared to any condensing boiler, gas or oil.

Wood is a renewable fuel and is carbon neutral. Burnt in a Woodwarm stove it will make great economic sense too!

Woodwarm stoves have specialised in boiler production for their stoves and others over the last thirty years, They have evolved a series of stove outputs and boiler combinations that are unsurpassed.

If you are looking at the possibility of running central heating or just domestic hot water off your stove, check carefully that you have the room size to be able to do it.

Our chart of boiler sizes for the range of Fireview and Wildwood stoves shows you the residual heat value (kw) once the chosen boiler is in place.

The room the stove is in should be capable of taking this amount of heat. For instance the 16kw stove fitted with a split saddle boiler will produce 42,000 btu’s to water, but it needs a room capable of taking 6.8kw (at least 7.5m x5.9m x 2.2m)


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